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Page history last edited by Michael Feldman 11 years, 7 months ago

 Feldman Midterm Exam


WIKI Section


Please follow these steps:


1. Create a new page and name it Your Name and Midterm (i.e.) Obama Midterm


2. Copy the header (first two lines) from this page and paste them onto your page


3. Add a sentence at the top, just below the header stating today's date and time, correctly punctuated


4. Underline at least one word in the sentence, put at least one word in italics, and make one word blue


5. Create a simple table, two rows and two columns


6. In the upper left cell, please insert the name of your home city.  Link that name to an English-language guide to that city.


7. In the upper right cell, please insert a picture of your favorite dessert


8. In the lower left cell, please insert a link to a web page you visit regularly


9. In the lower right cell, please insert the answer to the following question - "Who celebrated Samhain, and when?"


10. Below the table, embed a video or a gadget (either one)

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