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Features Checklist


Even a minimal Learning Management System should have three components: Class Management, Presenting Content and Evaluattion. In the list below "must haves" are in red.


Class Management

   Simple role book (WikiCalc?)

  Adjustable fields (names, checks, numbers, notes)

  Calculate attendance %

  Test and assignment result display

  Running grade average

Any way to integrate with web-based email?

Calendar (built-in or widget)

Internal email (to communicate with class members without leaving the WIKI environment)


Creating and Presenting Content

All content must be password protected as an option on a page by page basis

Teacher created pages

    Home pages for classes w/templates

    Syllabus template (livelinks to chapters/units/weeks)

    Exercises and question sets

    Pages to display content (formats?)




        Text docs and spreadsheets (Google Docs?)

    Timed pages (not available before a certain date)


Teacher created pages students contribute to

    Group/class project pages

    Maps (Atlas?)


    Collections of links (tagging)

    Chat (built-in or widget?)

    White board (or is a WIKI just one big whiteboard?)(editing lock problem)

    Built-in RSS aggregator

    Built-in video aggregator


Student created pages

    Student homepages

    Collections of resources (URLs, images, sound files, videos)

    Individual projects


In addition, we must incorporate a tagging system, so that both students and teachers can tag sites and resources they come across on the web at large, so that they will become immediately accessible within the WIKI



        Testing modules

        Weekly quizzes

        Full final exams


        Short answers (exact match)

        Text field


        Drag and drop

        Templates for student portfolios

        Built-in mechanism for feedback from teacher to students

        Editing marks editor for marking up (annotating) student writing



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